Monday, 30 April 2012

UK Truck Simulator Bus Mode

UK Truck Simulator : Bus Mode

 UK Truck Simulator isn't always all about truck. UKTS Bus Mode mods are an option to explore UKTS's map with bus. Truck sometimes always make y'all get bored. From indonesia, there are more than 1 bus mode mod. I'll share with you below with credits of course, enjoy!

A. UKTS-Bus Mod V.2 by Hendry Prasetyo  Download Here 
How to install:

*Pure UKTS 1.32

1. Extract file UKTS Small Mirror.scs , UKTS Busmod Indonesia by Hendry V2.scs, def 1.32 scs to My Documents -> UK Truck Simulator -> Mods

2. Remove any Truck Mods, Compatible with Sparky, but remove "Trucks" thingy.


1. Extract file UKTS busmod Indonesia by Hendry V.2.scs to My Documents -> UK Truck Simulator -> Mods

2. Open ICRF Def.rar, Copy Def For UKTS Busmod V2.scs to My Documents -> UK Truck Simulator -> Mods

3. Remove any Truck & Map Mods, Not Compatible with Spark. 

B. Busmod Exclusvo by Chandra Rivaldi Daniyanto

Pass: Simply Glamorous

Installation Instructions included with file. 


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  2. hi is there any chance you could post or show me a video on how to install this because i dont have a clue what to do thanks