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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Chants

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Chants

1. Mega ChantPack PES 2013 Final Version


* Brasileirao A (10)
* Bundesliga (18)
* Bundesliga 2 (18)
* EPL (20)
* Eredivisie (18)
* Liga BBVA (20)
* Liga Adelante ( 10 )
* Ligue 1 (20)
* MLS ( LA Galaxy / New York Red Bulls )
* National (45)
* Npower (18)
* Other (28)
* Serie A (20)
* Serie B(17)
* Nationa Classic (7)
* Zon Sagres (16)

13 Download Links total 3.41 Gb!

How to install : 
2. Download map.txt for chant server here
3. Copy Mega Chantpack and map.txt to PES 2013 > Gameplay tool > GDB > Chants
4. Open gameplay config.exe, set sound effect volume to 0.4
5. Enjoy!

2. Macro Chants Pack V2 Final Version


note : You must installed V1 first in order to use V2 Version

Download Links: 
V1 Fix *
Copy and paste the files of the ADX download folder
within the dt01.img of the kitserver, overwrite and ready.

How to install :

Basically the same with Mega Chantpack, but use this setting for gameplay config

Credits for mega Chantpack :  
Lilou - Pro Art Soccer
secun1972 -

 Credits for Macro Chantspack :
Pepita for her singing of the Xerez C. D
PES 2013 Editor 2.0 by w!Ld@.
Virtual DJ.
Jenkey1002 fix comentar Gameplay tool



Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Indonesia Company Mods

Indonesia Company Mod

Company List : 

bcp=astra motors
euroacres=gudang garam
fcp=indomobil finance
quarry=krakatau steel
stokes=siba group/siba surya
tradeaux= samudera indonesia
trameri=pos indonesia
tree-et=indonesian legal wood

How to Install :

Simply put this mod on mod folder

Credits to :
-Galih Pramono  

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

UKTS Map Mods [DKF 2.6]

UKTS Map Mods [DKF 2.6]

Hello Guys longtime no see, this is my recent update for UKTS 1.32 Map Mods

Download Link :

Please notice that you have to download Fix update version too.

Installation Procedure:

1. Extract DKF_2.6_map_(UKTS).rar rar to Mod folder

2a. Open DKF_2.6_map.scs using winrar
2b. Open Map folder and locate britain.mbd file inside map folder

3. Download DKF 2.6 Fix Update

4. Replace old britain.mbd file with current britain.mbd which included in DKF 2.6 Fix Update

5. Done 

Enjoy the game :) 

Credits to : Dikaferdy777

Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer Time Has Come!


     As Summer time has come, all we need is go for vacation! Wait for latest update as this blog owner's preparing for summer shop website. Check your wallet before shopping! 

Have a Nice Vacation guys!

Owner of  N-geo lovers blog


Friday, 11 May 2012

UK Truck Simulator Bus Interior

Busmod Interior V3 By Evergreen1976

Again! Indonesian Modder shows his creativity, this one is an interior mod, that work with :

How to:

1. Open UKTS Busmod V2.0 by hendry prasetyo.scs  with winrar
2. Open Busmod Interior V3 with winrar, you will see "Vehicle" folder
3. Drag "Vehicle" folder to UKTS Busmod V2.0 by hendry prasetyo.scs in opened winrar 
4. Done

Attention: This mod not working with busmod exclusivo as it already included in that mod. 


1. Handika Ferdiyanto (Bus Travego Interior)
2. Hendry Prasetyo (UKTS Busmod Convertion)
3. Ibnu dimas.P dan Dhimas Endira Yunantasena (mirror dan bus mania sticker)